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no stone unturned

By Nadean Stone

DNA Research Finds Birth Parents of Newborn left at Hospital on Christmas Eve

What Google Earth accomplished for Saroo Brierley in the movie Lion, DNA research did for me. Parklander Magazine in Florida suggested in its July 2019 issue that my memoir should be made into a television series, similar to A Handmaid’s Tale. 

No Stone Unturned: A Remarkable Journey To Identity relates the 44 year search for my birth parents and so much more. It is a strong character driven memoir of a child who is presented with numerous exceptionally challenging life experiences. I wrote my memoir with the intention of inspiring readers to find faith, hope and the courage to persevere against daunting personal trials. Nadean battles an aggressive form of cancer, experiences a harrowing escape from a Caribbean island and suffers unbelievably great losses that would break many a spirit. Yet as one reader notes “She soldiers on with unfailing courage.”

The current law in Ontario, Canada permits legally adopted children only to access their birth records.  My goal is to petition the Provincial Government to amend its law to allow non-adopted children equal access to our birth records. This book is my platform for the movement!

I was born in Blind River ON, Canada graduated from Windsor University in 1973 with a BA and McMaster University in 1976 with an MBA. I am a former NBC Booker and Celebrity Producer for a weekday one-hour talk show in Miramar, FL.  

I am an American/Canadian author residing in Vermont during the summer months and Florida during the winter.

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